The Labyrinth of Life
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Book Foreword

The Labyrinth of My Life
Journey to Compassion

Foreword by Carolyn Kaufman

What an amazing journey this has been, thus far.  Some of the layers of this life seem so far ago, almost as if it’s past life.  Each piece,  no matter how intense has given way to the next layer or experience.  Luckily, I had no idea or memory-shall I say, of what I was in for.  That should be a given for us all, can you imagine if we remembered what we decided to come here to experience.  I realized early on, how the amnesia served me very well.  It was key in my learning and growing process, as it is (as I believe) for all of us. 


Once I entered this life time, if someone would have told me I was in for experiences of abuse, neglect, abandonment, lack, fear, so much sadness, such feelings of separation, inadequacy, unworthiness, incredible low self-esteem, jealousy, criticism, self-sabotage, frustration, anger, impatience, control (in and out of),  pain, pain and more pain, there is no way I would have agreed.  Fortunately we decide well before we step foot into this world or dimension.  Then we set up a veil of amnesia, so we don’t remember exactly the truth of why we are here.  That is for us to discover as our journey unfolds. 

That in itself is such an interesting and could be very controversial concept. 


Through my journey here so far, my perception has shifted many, many times.  After four decades of learning and growing, in crash-course mode the whole way (until recently), I came to a wonderful revelation.  You will find that much of what I now write is based on this revelation.  After reflecting on my four decades, and especially the last two, I realized even with all my spiritual training, crash coursing, I was still in some kind of race.  I found myself shifting from the first decade of racing to fit in, to the second decade of racing for love and approval, next, third decade I was racing to prove I was good enough, and fourth decade I was racing towards enlightenment.  After my 40th birthday and many incredible experiences both positive and negative, I realized even though they were for different things, I was still racing after something.  I asked myself, why was I racing and what would it bring me?  I remembered all the times my guides had questioned to me “Carolyn, where are you going?”  I realized in all that time I spent racing, I was missing out on the most important opportunity, the moment, the now, the only thing that was really available and real.  And this is not a new concept by any means.  In fact, it is something I have been sharing in my own classes, with friends, family, associates.  The moment has been of great discussion in our world over the last decade.  However, knowing it and practicing it are two completely different things. 


This realization led me to the next revelation.  I have always believed that in truth we are all part of the same light, or source if you will.  I call this the Divine Design (God).  In our truest form, we are all love, all knowing, all powerful, fully abundant, fully healed, whole, perfect and complete.  I believed that we created this game called life to experience more fully our true essence.  How better to understand what we are, than to experience what we are not?  I really have always believed this to be true, whole heartedly.  It wasn’t until this year that I learned to really understand it in a new light.  My perception shifted to an understanding that if we, as Divine Design went so out of our way to create this most extraordinary and creative game, then maybe it is time to enjoy it.  Why was I and we, always running away from it, or towards the end of it?  Why was I chasing after enlightenment, when it is exactly that part of me that created this whole game? 


Now becoming completely aware and conscious of this belief, I could shift my perception to really living in the moment and in each experience of each moment.  There is nothing more to race towards.  I can now breathe, relax and oh my goodness…. Enjoy!  What a concept.  Of course I would never take back any part of my experience here thus far, for each one played a part in getting me to this point.  I also believe in Divine perfect timing and order, which means it, is perfect.  I also have learned to believe that everything that happens is the only way it could possibly happen.  And that there are no real mistakes, therefore, it was all on purpose, for our purpose.  

Looking back, I realized I only understood half of the message of the labyrinth.  Towards the end of my third decade, I believed the whole journey to be about the inward journey.  I think in the beginning of my re-awakening, I believed that once I reached that core, I would be done.  This makes me chuckle to think of now, how cute that thought was.  Last year I was intuitively given the name for this book, which I have been waiting to complete for the last ten years.  Of course I completely understand why it had not come together until now.  I was on a spiritual weekend away with a couple of my awesome girlfriends, in Joshua Tree.  I was exploring a labyrinth they had on the property, and as I journeyed towards the center of the labyrinth I started to receive some life-changing guidance and messages.  One of these messages was the name of this book.  Though at that moment, I only understood it as relating to the path we all walk through our journey here in this world.  Now I received the other half.  It is not merely a journey to the core, to our inner-knowing, but a revelation of the truth of our existence.  The next part of the labyrinth then becomes how we take this truth and express and live it through the rest of our journey here.  When you walk a labyrinth, we don’t leave once you get to the middle.  You then start your journey out of the labyrinth.  Wow, what an amazing insight.  With this understanding I now embark on my journey out of the labyrinth of my own life!  I have been guided to take you along with me, and share the layers of precious insight, guidance, lessons and growth that unfolds for me along this walk.  I am and will be forever grateful for this incredible experience, and I am especially grateful for this opportunity to share it with you.  Thank you for following your own inner calling to explore this with me, as we learn and grow together!  Really since we are all one, we are simply viewing another aspect of ourselves.  Let the fun begin!!

Get ready, we have finally arrived in these times, that many of us have seen and been preparing for!


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